Sports prototype

As a prototype is known in motor sports racing cars and motorcycles that were designed only for racing. Similar to formula cars, these vehicles have no or very low affinity for production vehicles and can be built for the specific demands of motorsport.

In sports car racing, there are in addition to the Gran Turismo vehicles, the so-called sports - prototypes. These take the highest classes in a sports car race. Through the famous endurance race of Le Mans and Daytona developed there special regulations for sports prototypes whose class is named after the respective long distance classic. Thus, there are for the 24- hour race at Le Mans, the Le Mans prototype, short also called LMP, and for the 24- hour race at Daytona, the Daytona Prototypes. In addition to these once a year held races there are also racing series in which these sports prototype to be used. In addition, driving in a series vehicles by the technical regulations of the CN group. Especially in Europe, this standard will be applied in the national semi-professional championships.

Meanwhile nobody talks of prototypes only in sports car racing. There are also touring car classes, in which the vehicles have a similar base as the sports prototypes, but the silhouette is modeled after a production model. These touring car prototypes were designed specifically for use on the racetrack and have mostly only for marketing reasons similarities with a model from the series production. One of the first European series with Silhouette vehicles in 2003 was the V8 -Star, currently pursued in Germany, the DTM this concept.

For rallying as special prototypes are developed. In desert rallies like the Dakar Rally, there is a prototype class for which the vehicle was developed purely in terms of the needs of such a rally.

, Prototypes are in the Motorcycle World Championship in contrast to the production-based Superbike class, used in class to Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP.

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