Sproat Lake

The Sproat Lake is a freshwater lake on Vancouver Iceland, British Columbia, Canada.

The Sproat Lake is located approximately 13 kilometers west of Port Alberni. It is located along with the surrounding Douglas fir forest in Sproat Lake Provincial Park. Since the lake shore has many beaches, the area for tourists is attractive. For this reason, a remarkable number of villas built in the vicinity of the lake. Tourists appreciate the lake for its clean warm water that invites you to varied leisure activities. So one can obtain gainful the fish, the swimming, water skiing and windsurfing. In summer among campers, the area is also very popular.

Every year, about 1 million tourists to the lake. If you arrive by car is via the Tofino Highway 4, or the Great Central Lake Road directly to the lake.

At the lake, the two remarkable Martin Mars water bombers the company Flying Tankers Inc. are stationed. They have been specially converted for the extinguishing of forest fires and are the largest ever built in series flying boats in the world. The lake is after Gilbert Malcolm Sproat (1834-1913), the founder of the first saw mill in Port Alberni named.