The abbreviation SR stands for:

  • Saarland Radio
  • Property law
  • Health Board, honorary titles in medicine
  • Saranda, license plate ( discontinued) in Albania Saranda district
  • Sarcoplasmic reticulum table, a cell organelle
  • Scharfreiterring, in Nuremberg Metro Station Scharfreiterring
  • Saudi riyal, the currency in Saudi Arabia
  • Referee ( Sports )
  • Shelter, according to Swiss military abbreviation terminology
  • Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt, a principality until 1920 existing in Thuringia
  • Selfmade Records music label from Dusseldorf
  • Service Release, see Service Pack
  • Seychelles rupee, the official currency of the Republic of Seychelles
  • Shadowrun, a cyberpunk role-playing game
  • Shake Reduction, apparatus for optical image stabilization in digital cameras; see image stabilization
  • Samson Roller, see Simson ( Suhl ) # 1945-2010
  • Siracusa, license plate in Italy for Syracuse
  • Śląskie Rybnik, license plate in Poland for the independent city of Rybnik
  • Slovenská republika, Slovak Republic, Slovakia
  • Southern Railway (Great Britain), a former railway company
  • Socijalistička Republika (Socialist Republic), the constituent republics of the Socialist Yugoslavia
  • Soroca, license plate in Moldova for Rajon Soroca
  • Sprawedliwaja Rossiya, Справедливая Россия, political party in Russia, Fair Russia German
  • Speech Recognition, Speech Recognition
  • Stable release, see stage of development (software)
  • Senate, the upper house of the Swiss Parliament
  • Steyr, license plate in Austria (City, State Police Upper Austria - Steyr police station )
  • Strada regional, road marking in Italy
  • Straubing, license plates in Germany for county- Straubing, Straubing-Bogen district
  • Strumica, license plate in Macedonia Strumica (city)
  • The post code area Sunderland ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )
  • Suriname (country code according to ISO 3166-1 )
  • Sustained release, the slowed release of a drug, see Retard
  • Sveriges Radio, the public radio operator in Sweden
  • Swissair, former Swiss airline ( ICAO code )
  • Symbol rate in digital satellite television, see baud rate
  • Synchrotron radiation, synchrotron radiation
  • Systematic Collection of Federal Law in Switzerland

As well as:

  • A license plate in the UK for Dundee
  • A license plate in Norway Bergen (Norway )

Sr called a shortcut:

  • Señor (English gentleman), as form of address used in the Spanish-speaking world
  • Soror (Latin ) in nuns, nuns and nurses, see sister (Informal )
  • Strontium, the chemical element
  • Strouhal number in fluid mechanics

SR refers to:

  • Radical substitution, a reaction mechanism in organic chemistry

Sr denotes:

  • Serbian language, according to ISO 639-1
  • Steradian as SI unit of solid angle
  • . sr, the top level domain of Suriname
  • Senior as a suffix, see suffix # senior

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