SSC is an abbreviation for:

  • Safe, Sane, Consensual, concept within the BDSM culture to ensure consensus have been between the parties involved in potentially risky activities
  • Sexy Sport Clips, telecast in the night program of the German sports television
  • Shared Services Centre, term from the process-oriented economy
  • SSC Aero, supercar, which is produced by the U.S. small manufacturers Shelby Super Cars
  • Systemic sclerosis ( SSc), term used in medicine for Multiple Sclerosis Diseases
  • Secondary sclerosing cholangitis ( SSC ), term used in medicine for a gall disease

Science and Technology:

  • John C. Stennis Space Center, NASA facility in Hancock County, Mississippi to test rocket motors
  • Security Subsystem Class, subset of an extensive specification with definitions of security mechanisms for storage devices, developed by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG )
  • Selenografische Colongitude the sun (English Sun's selenographic colongitude )
  • Single -look Slant Range Complex, product type ( processing level ) of the Earth observation satellite TerraSAR -X
  • Spread Spectrum Clocking, special shape of clock signals in the synchronous digital technology
  • Standard saline citrate, is often used as an additive in the polymerase chain reaction
  • Station Support Computer, category of laptops that are used on the International Space Station (ISS ) from the Department
  • Superconducting Super Collider was a particle accelerator in the United States, which was set for reasons of cost in 1993
  • Synchronous Serial Channel, is used for fast synchronous communication between microcontrollers, microprocessors and external peripherals
  • Synchrotron self - Compton model, in short SSC model describes a multiple scattering process in particle physics and astrophysics

Means of transport:

  • Semi- submerged catamaran, catamaran class, which are also known as Small Water Plane Area Twin Hull ( SWATH )
  • Ship Submarine Coast, submarine class

Organizations, institutions and companies:

  • Shelby Supercars, American automaker, which was known to the SSC Aero
  • Society of the Sacred Cross, Order of the Anglican Church, see Anglican Orders
  • Species Survival Commission, science-based network of volunteer experts in the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources ( IUCN)
  • Spitzer Science Center, part of NASA's science center, which evaluates the data from the Spitzer Space Telescope and located on the grounds of the California Institute of Technology
  • Urban tram Cöpenick, former street railway companies in 1920, which has merged in the Berlin tram
  • State Security Council, National Security Council in South Africa, the apartheid era
  • State Services Commission, one of three central organizations of the New Zealand government, which is responsible for the management, coordination and monitoring of the entire state services
  • Swedish Space Corporation, is a Swedish aviation and aerospace companies
  • SSC is also used as initials of many sports clubs that can stand as an example for swimming sports club or for play and sports club.

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