The Stockholm Marathon is the biggest marathon in Scandinavia. It was performed for the first time on 4 August 1979. At that time, about 2,000 runners took part, just five years later 11,000 runners, and today the number of participants is limited to 21,000. The Marathon has been held since 1982 in the first week of June and organized since its inception by the Stockholm athletics clubs Hässelby SK and Spårvägens FK.

The route was changed in 2010 to allow more runners to participate. The route begins in Östermalm, resulting in the first, about 16.6 km long round only to the southeast, then west to the Old Town, the Royal Castle over after Södermalm, on the Västerbron bridge to the island of Kungsholmen, the City Council passed and then via Norrmalm back to Östermalm. The second, about 25.6 km long round first runs east to the Kaknästornet in Gärdet, then the Djurgården peninsula and ends just before the Old Town on the price of the first round, with which it is then identical until the target turns - the Stockholm Olympic Stadium where the Olympic Games of 1912, a large part of the barrel leads to waterways along. .


Track records

  • Men: 2:11:37, Hugh Jones (GBR ), 1983
  • Women: 2:28:24, Grete Waitz (NOR ), 1988

List of winners

Finishers Ahlen

Runners who crossed the finish line. Highlights: Record numbers

* In the years 1982 and 1983, an additional run took place every Sunday.