Sudan Football Association

The Sudan Football Association (SFA; Arab الاتحاد السوداني لكرة القدم, DMG al -Ittihad al- Sudani al - li - curate qadam ), the Football Association of Sudan. It was founded in 1936 and joined FIFA in 1948. In addition to the associations of Egypt, Ethiopia and South Africa, the association of the Sudan in 1957, a founding member of the Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF ).

The Sudan Premier League was founded in 1993 after the separate leagues in the country have joined together in a big league.

One of the forerunners of the Premier League, the Khartoum State League, is reportedly the first division of Africa. It was supposedly founded in the late 1920s. Football was brought by Turkish and Egyptian immigrants in the Sudan. They established 14 clubs in the center of the capital. However, it is believed that football was established in 1949 by the British in the Sudan. 1956 was the first association of the professional league in Khartoum and in some states are founded in the north. The Club Youth of Juba, founded by the British Army in the South was not allowed to participate in one of the chairs. But in the early 1990s, when the national league was founded, this team played a full season with the other Sudanese teams. However, they called themselves then Juba FC

1961 was introduced that all the champions of each league at the end of season play against each other to determine the overall winner of the Sudan.

List of winners of the Sudanese League

In the season 1992/ 93, the Sudan Premier League was founded.

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