Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson ( May 3, 1921 in Ailey, Georgia junior as Walker Smith, † 12 April 1989 in Culver City, California ) was an American boxer.


Robinson lived during most of his 25 -year career in Harlem. As an amateur, was his record 85-0, 69 KOs, including 40 in the first round.

In the welterweight he was virtually unbeatable. He suffered his first defeat in 1943 in the second fight against Jake LaMotta, who was a middleweight, however, and weighed a few pounds more. In all, he fought in the years 1942-1945 five times against LaMotta, where he won four fights.

His first world champion welterweight title he won on December 20, 1946 in New York against Tommy Bell, who had him on the ground, in a fight over fifteen rounds.

The world champion middleweight title he won in his sixth fight against Jake LaMotta, he suggested in Chicago in the thirteenth round knockout on 14 February 1951. In 1952, he defended his title against Rocky Graziano in Chicago by defeating "Rocky" early in the third round. In June 1952, he tried to win the world title in the light heavyweight division, but lost to the champion Joey Maxim. Robinson gave up the fight, according to points clearly in the lead, according to the thirteenth round exhausted. Over the next three years, he played no fight.

1955 Robinson returned but again returns to the ring and lost at an advanced age several times his middleweight title, but he won back repeatedly, as against Randy Turpin, Carmen Basilio and Gene Fullmer, whom he defeated in one of the most famous KOs boxing history. In 1965, he finally ended his career and then played in several films.

Against a number of strong opponents of his time, including Charley Burley, he pushed not in the course of his career. Nevertheless, he is regularly chosen by Boxzeitschriften, such as the Ring Magazine, the best boxer of all time. The legends Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Leonard consider him as such. 1990 Robinson was induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Sugar Ray Robinson was a member of the Federation of the Freemasons.