Swedish Trade Union Confederation

Landsorganisationen i Sverige ( LO ) is the largest umbrella organization of trade unions in Sweden. Its membership includes 16 individual unions. LO represents the interests of the workers in Sweden, while employees of the umbrella organization TCO and academics of the umbrella organization Sveriges academician Central Organization ( SACO ) are organized. Chairman of the Federation since 2000 Wanja Lundby Wedin -.


The country organization was founded in 1898 by 24 trade union associations, 13 unions and 19 other organizations with a membership number of 50,000. The number of members increased rapidly. 1945 were connected with more than 1 million union members the shore organization 45 individual unions. In the following decades, the number of individual unions decreased due to mergers and restructuring, but the number of members rose steadily to the mid-1980s with 2.2 million peak. On 1 January 2005, the country had 1.86 million organization members.


  • Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet ( Byggnads )
  • Svenska Elektrikerförbundet
  • Fastighetsanställdas Förbund
  • Grafiska Fackförbundet - Mediafacket
  • Handelsanställdas Förbund
  • Hotell och Restaurang Facket
  • Industrifacket metal
  • Svenska Kommunalarbetareförbundet
  • Svenska Livsmedelsarbetareförbundet
  • Svenska Musikerförbundet
  • Svenska Målareförbundet
  • Svenska Pappersindustriarbetareförbundet
  • Seko - Facket för Service och communication
  • Skog och Träfacket
  • Svenska Transportarbetareförbundet


The organs of the national organization are:

  • The Congress, the highest decision-making body, which meets every five years
  • The Executive Board, consisting of the union leadership and eleven elected members
  • The union leadership, consisting of four persons ( one chairman and three vice-chairmen )

The headquarters is located in Stockholm. The local work of the national organization is held in 19 districts and 258 sections.