Sweet Savage

Sweet Savage is a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland rock band. It is associated with bands like Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Saxon, or the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

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Band History

The beginnings (1979-1990)

Sweet Savage was founded in 1979 and originally from Ray Haller as a bass player and singer, Vivian Campbell and Trev Fleming on guitar and David Bates on drums. In this formation, the band released 1981 on the label Park Records, the single Take No Prisoners out. Also they released a demo that was released as a demo in '81 that year. The phonogram contains four BBC Radio Sessions. 1983 Campbell left the band Dio to help. A little later the second guitarist Fleming got out. In 1984, as a substitute Ian Wilson in the band. As a result, it took three of the single Straight Through The Heart, which was released the same year. In the coming years, the band was inactive.

Killing Time and Rune (1991-1998)

1991 coverte the band Metallica song Killing Time, which was included on the single Take No Prisoners as a B-side. Killing Time was used as a B- side for the single - Metallica The Unforgiven and was later re-recorded for the cover album Garage Inc.. The Unforgiven is located on the most successful album to date, which is itself titled, but has become known as the Black Album. So record companies became aware of Sweet Savage and the band signed a deal with Metal Blade Records. For the album, the band did, however, in addition to Speedo another guitar player. Trev Fleming, who got out in 1983, declared himself willing Sweet Savage to help again and rose again in 1994. However, he rose in the same year again. He was succeeded by Simon McBride. Together they took the 1996 album Killing Time on. Two years later, the album Rune, got out after its publication McBride. Since the contract was dissolved at Metal Blade, Rune was released under the label Neat Metal Nation. Both albums were not able to place in the charts.

Line-up changes and regeneration (1999 -present)

After McBride's exit, it was again quiet around the band. 2008, the long-time drummer David Bates got out. Bates was so far besides Ray Haller, the only member of the original lineup, which had been continuously doing. He was succeeded by Jules Watson. In the same year Trev Fleming also got back to the post of second guitarist retake, so Sweet Savage was fourth again. The Early Years, some live recordings and remixes already includes side already released songs - On 5 June 2008, the band, the record collection Eye Of The Storm published. 2010 increased from Watson, for the Marty McCloskey was established as a successor in the same year. On October 2, 2010 died unexpectedly Trev Fleming. He was succeeded by Phil Edgar. In this constellation, the band recorded the album regeneration, which was released in 2011 via Candyman Records.


Studio albums



  • 2008: Eye Of The Storm - The Early Years

Demo Tapes