Sylvia Vrethammar

Eva Sylvia Vrethammar ( born August 22, 1945 in Uddevalla, Sweden) is a Swedish singer. Their music ranges from Pop, Pop, Jazz, Swing, Samba, to ballads.

Life and work

Vrethammars father Harald Vrethammar was a teacher. Even as a child she wanted to be a concert pianist. Under Astrid Berwald she later took to Richard Andersson's music school in Stockholm piano lessons, which she continued at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Instead of quitting her studies, she decided to study as an educator. She also took part in amateur music competitions. 1967 began with the Rune Öfwerman trio her singing career. The following year they made ​​their first television appearance. 1969 released their first album Tycker om dej, whose title song could be successfully placed in the Swedish charts. The album also contained the song En Laerling på Varan gård, a cover version of Dusty Springfield's Top Ten hit Son of a Preacher Man.

1970, the television entertainer Lennart Hyland noticed her and hired her as a co-host for his entertainment show Hylands hörna. In the same year, she performed at the International Song Festival in Rio de Janeiro and toured with the Brazilian samba musicians Trio De Ouro Pandeiros successfully in Scandinavia. This earned her the nickname " Samba Girls " one. 1973 appeared under her name Sylvia her most successful single: Eviva España / Y Viva espania, a popular summer hit of 1971, with the already the Belgian singer Samantha, the Norwegian singer Gro Anita Schonn and Manolo Escobar were successful, was in an English and Swedish version was added. The English version sold over a million copies, reaching # 4 on the 1974 UK singles chart and was uninterrupted for 39 weeks in the British singles chart an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. In late summer 1975, the follow-up single Hasta la vista, which was also placed at number 38 on the UK Singles charts appeared. From the mid- 1970s, she appeared in the West German television, including 1974 in the number of hit - Journal and the ZDF hit parade. In 1977, she appeared in the TV movie A Midsummer Night's Ball by Ekkehard Böhmer. In the Netherlands, the Soviet Union and in the United States they could realize their career. Vrethammar took five times a part Melodifestivalen, the Swedish preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2002 with the song last Hon är en annan nu ( number 5 in the third preliminary round ) and 2013 Trivialitet (fourth preliminary round ). In recent years, she worked with jazz pianist January Lundgren and his trio, with the 2006 album recorded in Vrethammars Living Champagne was born.

In 2010 she sang on the album Svenska Tjejer by Kristian Antillas the song Magdalena ( Livet före Döden ).

Vrethammar was married to the musician Rune Öfwerman.

Discography (selection)