System 7

System 7 is a version of Mac OS, an operating system from Apple.


System 7 was like the previous versions of Mac OS a pure single-user system. It was originally developed for Macs with 68k processor and later on the PowerPC architecture (version 7.1.2) ported. Compared to previous versions of a hard drive now was necessary since System 7 could not find space on a disk. It took at least 2 MB of RAM.

It brought over its predecessor system 6 some innovations. This was about cooperative multitasking, Balloon Help, AppleScript (from System 7.1.1), virtual memory management, QuickDraw 3D, TrueType support, TCP / IP, and much more. In addition coincided with System 7, due to its 32 -bit addressing, the limit of 8 MB ​​of memory away.

The first version of System 7, version 7.0, was released in June 1991. The last update for System 7 was released in April 1997, the version 7.6.1.

System 7 was the first version of Mac OS, which was officially named the Mac OS too, but only since System 7.6 ( January 1997). Previously appeared that name but since version 7.5.1 in the boot screen on.

With Star Trek 1992 was a port of System 7 on x86 processors can be realized. However, this was discontinued in favor of Copland 1993.