T. Keith Glennan

Thomas Keith Glennan ( born September 8, 1905 in Enderlin, North Dakota, USA, † April 11, 1995 in Mitchellville, Maryland) was between August 1958 and January 1961, the first head of the U.S. space agency NASA.

Glennan completed his studies in electrical engineering at the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University in 1927. He was head of the Electrical Research Products Company, a subsidiary of Western Electric. He later became Studio Manager at Paramount Pictures and worked briefly at the Vega Airplane Corporation. In 1942 he started at the War Research at Columbia University to collaborate. First he was there administrator, director of the U.S. Navy 's Underwater Sound Laboratories (laboratories for the study of underwater sounds of the U.S. Navy ) in New London, Connecticut. From 1950 to 1952 he was a member of the Atomic Energy Commission. From 1970 to 1973 he was the successor of Henry De Wolf Smyth diplomatic representative of the United States at the International Atomic Energy Agency.