TA is an abbreviation for:

  • TACA, el- salvadorische airline after the IATA code
  • Tages-Anzeiger, a Swiss daily newspaper
  • Technology assessment and technology assessment ( Swiss )
  • Technical Alert (technical alarm)
  • Technical plant, department of railway operations work
  • Technical instruction, administrative regulation
  • Technical Assistant, Occupation
  • Water absorption, relative measure when baking
  • Sharing agreements with insurance companies
  • Telekom Austria
  • Temps Atomique (French ), atomic time
  • Tennis Australia, Australian Tennis Association
  • Terminal adapter, interface and protocol converter in the ISDN
  • Threshold Accepting, dt threshold acceptance, heuristic optimization algorithm
  • Thüringer Allgemeine, newspaper
  • Timing Advance value for the synchronization of the uplink and downlink in GSM networks
  • Audiogram
  • Total Annihilation, real-time strategy game for the computer
  • Traffic Announcement ( traffic announcement ), a function of the Radio Data System in Traffic
  • Traffic Advisory ( aviation abbreviation), traffic information from the Traffic Alert and Collision Warning System Collision Avoidance System
  • Transaction
  • Transactional analysis, psychoanalytic method of Eric Berne
  • Transient adaptation
  • Transition altitude, aviation abbreviation
  • Travail anglais, organization of the French Resistance
  • Tribunal Administrativo Mosombikanische Court
  • Triumph- Adler Company
  • Antigua and Barbuda to the ICAO code
  • The post code area Taunton ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )

TA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Taxis
  • Greece: Taxis
  • Italy: Taranto ( German: Taranto )
  • Latvia: Motorcycles
  • Norway: Bergen in the province of Hordaland
  • Austria: District Tamsweg
  • Slovakia: Okres Trnava (not yet assigned)
  • Czech Republic: Okres Tábor, German: Tabor ( discontinued)

TA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • USA: License Plate of the U.S. Armed Forces in Germany: number plates, Augsburg

T.A. stands for:

  • T.A. = Tellaura Anachtonismos - Chronological table of contents of the TA Projects. The return of the gold to the earth. Since 1989, John Anger Bauer Gold Hoff working on work cycle " TA Tellaura Anachtonismos ". Since 1996, as a synonym for the term Advanced Gold: Gold Social / Social Gold

T A stands for:

  • T A elektroakustik, a German manufacturer and distributor of hi-fi components

Ta is the surname of:

  • Tri Ta (born 1973 ), American- Vietnamese Mayor

Ta stands for:

  • Kurt Tank, aircraft designer
  • Stupa, Name in Chinese
  • Ta (city ), Ireland
  • Ta ( vizier ), ancient Egyptian vizier
  • Tantalum, chemical symbol


  • Reading of a character of the Japanese syllabary, see Japanese writing
  • Ta ( Arabic letter ), the third letter of the Arabic alphabet ( ت )
  • TA ( Arabic letter ), the 16th letter of the Arabic alphabet ( ط )

Ta is an abbreviation for:

  • Tamil language, language code from ISO 639-1

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