Tales of Eternia

Tales of Eternia (テイルズ オブ エターニア, ) is a computer role-playing game released by Namco in 2000. The game is, as well as Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia, Namco's Tales of a game -of- row. Overall, two versions are released - the PlayStation version and the PlayStation Portable version, which is a simple port without modification of the first version however.


On a normal day on which the hero of the story, Reid, with his best friend Farah from a lookout tower looks to the heavens, suddenly something falls out of the blue from the sky. Find both a mysterious girl, Meredy, which does not obviously speak the same language as our two heroes at the crash site. So they try to find someone who can do what Meredy says translate. After a while, learn Reid and the others, that a second planet their own approaches and threaten the two planets colliding. Well Reid, Farah, Meredy and Keele want to prevent the destruction of the world.


The 18 -year-old Reid is the main character of Tales of Eternia. He makes the journey to save the world not serious and will only lead as soon as possible a normal life again. Usually he only thinks of sleeping and eating.

Although the 17 -year-old Farah is a young woman, she is a talented fighter. Although she usually has a very serious, but actually it is nice and understanding. She is convinced to save the world and always keeps Meredy. Farah has a weakness for Reid, but this seems not to notice.

Meredy is from Celestia and therefore only speaks a language that does not understand Reid, Farah and Keele. Through a special earring, it is possible to understand their language. This works but only if you have a certain confidence to Meredy. Despite the fact that she is already 16 years old, she is very childlike and playful, but it is a powerful summoner.

Although Keele is only 17 years old, but is very educated, because he was at a famous university. Most of the time he spends to explore things and learn. Keele and Reid argue repeatedly but are still good friends. He seems to feel in the later part of the game something for Meredy.

Production and publication

Tales of Eternia was developed by Telenet Japan and Wolf Team, the character design Mutsumi Inomata designed. The music of the game Motoi Sakuraba and Shinji Tamura composed.

The game was released on November 30, 2000 by Namco in Japan. In America, it appeared on 10 September 2001 under the name Tales of Destiny II PlayStation Portable version was released on February 10, 2006 by Ubisoft in Europe.



The game was titled Tales of Eternia: The Animation adapted as an anime television series. The 13-part series deals with a inserted into the plot of the game narrative. The anime was produced by Xebec and Production IG and directed by Shigeru Ueda. The characters designed Meiju Maeda and artistic director was Hachidai Takayama.

The series was broadcast on 8 January 2001 to 26 March 2001 Japanese television. This was followed by translations into English and Chinese.

Voice Actors


The music of the series was composed by Takanori Arisawa. The header title is Sora ni Kakeru Hashi, used for s guy you I'd Love You to Touch Me, both by Masami Okui.


A manga adaptation of the game by Yoko Koike appeared from January 2002 by Square Enix. The number reached nine volumes.


According to the German magazine manga scene comes despite multiple use of clichés of the genre will not be bored. The game offers a lot of charm, likeable characters and a fast-paced, varied action.

The Anime Manga assesses the scene as a successful side- quest of the game, although not approach rich in great fantasy series such as Record of Lodoss War, but could certainly entertain and the desire to make the game.