Tales of the Abyss

Tales of the Abyss is a video game Tales -of- game series from Namco. It first appeared only in Japan and the U.S. on the PlayStation 2 and was later reissued for the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS version was first released in Europe, but only in English. The series was also adapted as a manga and anime.


The game deals with the young Luke fon Fabre, who lost his memory after he was kidnapped seven years earlier. He is the sole heir of a prestigious aristocratic family. Since that day, he leads a reclusive life since his parents fear that he could be kidnapped again. One day attacked his sword fight trainer during training and Luke is teleported along with the attacker to a remote location. Both team up then to come back home. Another problem arises from the belligerence of opposing countries. Luke tries in the game to avert this war.

Game mechanics

The battles take place in real time, the player itself always takes control over one of the characters, most of them hatch. During the game, there is the opportunity to play other characters. With the ability to " Free Running " can move at your fingertips anywhere on the battlefield, the characters, without this ability, a character can only move forwards and backwards.

Remake for 3DS

The game was released in 2011 (Japan, Europe, Australia ) or 2012 ( USA) in a remake for the Nintendo 3DS. There are few changes to the original, but the game now supports the 3D function of the 3DS and can therefore be played in 3D. In addition, both monitors to be used for different representations.

For the German publication, the English version was used, both the voice and the lyrics are entirely in English, there is no German translation.


The game received by critics relatively good grades. Thus, the rating average is Metacritic for the PS2 version at 78/100 and for the 3DS version at 75 /100.

Namco Bandai even saw the release of the 3DS version in Europe, according to an employee as a great success at the game sold unexpectedly quickly and well.