Tamara Dobson

Tamara Dobson (born 14 May 1947 Baltimore, Maryland, † October 2, 2006 ibid ) was an American actress and fashion model.

After leaving school, Dobson worked as a beautician and made the conclusion as a fashion illustrator at the Maryland Institute of Art After (1.87 m) got a job as a model on the basis of their size, they came to New York, where she sang worked for Vogue and appeared in commercials. It worked for Fabergé, Revlon and Chanel.

In 1972, she received her first film role at the side of Yul Brynner and Burt Reynolds in Silent footsteps of death and other smaller roles comes into play movies that the main role in the two Cleopatra Jones films A Case for Cleopatra Jones ( 1973) and Cleopatra Jones waged against the Dragon Lady ( 1975). Both films, as well as Norman ... Is That You? belonged to the series of blaxploitation films. After abating this film wave it was quiet again also Dobson; occasionally they still appeared in films, most recently in 1984 in The Ring of the Amazons.

Dobson suffered from multiple sclerosis and died in 2006 aged 59.

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