Vogue (magazine)

The Vogue ( in its own notation VOGUE ) is an internationally popular women's magazine, which traditionally has a strong influence on global fashion. It is a reputation for models, fashion designers and photographers, if they are published in Vogue. 1892, the first issue in the United States, edited by Arthur Baldwin Turnure. After his death in 1909, she went over to the New York publisher Condé Nast, which publishes this magazine until today and which issues licenses. Currently own editions of Vogue are published in 21 countries worldwide. Since September 2005 there has been in the U.S. also have a branch for men Men's Vogue. Contribute significantly to the success over the last 50 years has been the artistic director Alexander Liberman, and chief editor Diana Vreeland and inner Anna Wintour.


The focus of the monthly magazine (in the format 213 × 277 ) are the elaborately staged photo shoots by famous photographers with the latest exclusive women's fashion. Photographers such as Adolphe de Meyer, Edward Steichen, Man Ray, George Hoyningen -Huene, Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, Peter Beard and Karl Lagerfeld have worked for Vogue. In addition, the magazine contains articles by experts on design, architecture, celebrities, culture, travel, entertainment, and horoscopes. At least half the book scope consists of advertisements and promotions international manufacturer of branded fashion and cosmetics.

The target group of the magazine was and is the wealthy client from about 29 years, based on the common ideal of beauty. Major competitors magazines Harper's Bazaar and Elle.

Expenditure and Editors

Currently, 21 countries appear in individual editions of Vogue, in numerous other they are exported.

  • Mexico Mexico - Eva Hughes
  • United States United States - Anna Wintour
  • Brazil Brazil - Daniela Falcão
  • Germany Germany - Christiane Arp
  • France France - Emmanuelle Alt
  • Greece Greece - Elena Makris
  • Italy Italy - Franca Sozzani
  • Netherlands Netherlands - Karin Swerink
  • Portugal - Paula Mateus
  • Russia Russia - Victoria Davidova
  • Spain - Yolanda Sacristán
  • Ukraine Ukraine - Masha Tsukanova
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - Alexandra Shulman
  • People's Republic of China People's Republic of China - Angelica Cheung
  • India - Priya Tanna
  • Japan Japan - Kazuhiro Saito
  • China Republic of China Republic - Rosalie Huang
  • Flag of South Korea South Korea - Myung Hee Lee
  • Thailand Thailand - Kullawit Laosuksri
  • Turkey Turkey - Seda Domanic

Vogue in Germany

The German edition of Vogue was first published from April 1928 to October 1929 with the publisher's headquarters in Berlin. Since August 1979 she is again released periodically by the publisher in Munich. For the German edition since 2003, Christiane Arp, editor in chief responsible predecessors were, among others Angelica sheet Schmidt and Christa Dowling.

Since 2001, in Germany the accompanying website vogue.com CondéNet the company, a division of Condé Nast publishing group. Editorial office is also based in Munich.

With the October 2009 issue of the German Vogue celebrated its 30th anniversary. To celebrate the magazine appeared with three record-breaking issues with a total of 2196 pages. Karl Lagerfeld, Bruce Weber and Peter Lindbergh were co- editors of each of an issue.

Quarterly also appears Vogue Business with topics for the business woman. The offshoot for men, Men's Vogue, was summed up in Germany because of the lack of sales success with the lifestyle magazine GQ.