Tango (tram)

The Stadler Tango is a product group of modular trams and light rail vehicles of the manufacturer Stadler Rail.

In contrast to acquired Adtranz Variobahn / Variotram the Tango is a development on various components, the GTW and FLIRT are already based on the product families Stadler 's own for use. With the Variobahn but the tango can have a number of common components, the pantograph, the doors, electric control and protective elements to seats and floor. In contrast to Variobahn the Tango based on bogies, which allows a better ride comfort but prevents 100% low floor.

In addition to the vehicles for Bochum, Basel and Lyon Stadler also includes vehicles for Forchbahn and Trogenerbahn to Tango family of products.

Operators and application areas


Since August 2007, six high-floor railcars ( standard gauge, 750 volts) were delivered to the Bogestra in Bochum for the light rail line U35 ( Fahrzeugnr. 6026-6031 ). Since December 2007 the first vehicle is in use.


The delivery of four pre-production vehicles ( meter gauge, 600 volts ) to the Basel -Land Transport AG (BLT) in Oberwil BL took place from autumn 2008. Should stand the test vehicles was from 2010 the delivery of a total of 60 vehicles to the BLT and the Basel traffic (BVB ) in Basel provided by contract. The latter company is, however, got out in May 2010 under the Treaty.

The first pre-production (Be 6/10 151) arrived in Oberwil at the BLT on 2 and 3 September 2008. After the vehicle was presented in November of the public, it is in use in January 2009. Car 152 was delivered in November 2008 and is regularly in use since April 2009. The Delivered in February carriage 153 is equipped as a test vehicle; after initial tests, he was from May to November 2009, the Basel traffic operations (BVB ) in use.

Also equipped as a test vehicle is in the op 6/10 154, which was end of March 2009 brought the production location Altenrhein with transport companies Zurich ( VBZ) and put into operation. A month was bored car 154 in Zurich, where he has been tested internally on the VBZ Tram network and approximately three weeks in passenger service on the line 7. Experiences from the experimental farm and the passenger surveys shall be part of the tender for the next generation Tram VBZ that the remaining " Mirage " and the first generation of " Tram 2000 " will replace in 2013. On 22 and 23 April 154 car was transported from Zurich to Oberwil and since June at the BLT in use. For demonstration runs as part of the transport trade fair Suissetraffic from 11 to 14 November 2009 car 154 was briefly brought to Bern.

End of November 2009 has approved the appointment of 15 production vehicles due to the satisfactory progress of the test program, the Board of BLT. The contract value of this first main lot amounts to CHF 74 million; The vehicles are scheduled for delivery between summer 2011 and 2012.

After a BVB own passenger survey was commissioned in February of 2010, again, the Board of Directors of BVB has declared effective on May 12, 2012 in a press release to get out of the aufgegleisten together with the BLT rolling stock procurement. Thus BVB not purchase the prescribed 20 Tango for their own network. The job is, spelled out completely by the autumn of 2010, taking into account a new service catalog new. The resulting planning harm to the taxpayers of the Canton of Basel-Stadt amounts to approximately 1.2 million Swiss francs; this amount is owed ​​to the BLT.

On July 20, 2011, the Be 6/10 155, the first of 15 series trams delivered to Oberwil BL.


The delivery of six vehicles ( standard gauge, 750 volt) for the consortium Rhônexpress in Lyon began in December 2009., The use is from August 2010 as an express connection to Lyon Saint- Exupéry airport (project name " LESLYS " ) on behalf of the départements, Rhône by Veolia Transport carried out.


For now back rapidly growing Geneva tram network established in Transports Publics Genevois Lancy (TPG ) have publicly announced in June 2009, further bi-directional trams that are necessary according to the cantonal public transport master plan 2011-2014. The contract will be awarded to Stadler, the Board of TPG on 21 December 2009 due to the economically most advantageous tender.

From late 2011, 32 vehicles ( meter gauge, 600 volt) are delivered; the order volume is good 154 million francs. In addition, two options on a further 14 respectively 10 vehicles were agreed, which are needed later in the tram network expansion. In contrast to Basel variant of the Geneva Tango are built as bi-directional vehicles and feature only five joints (44 meters long). On 16 September 2011 the first copy to Geneva was delivered.


On 26 January 2010, the Stuttgart trams from Stadler AG has ordered 20 Tango - city trains ( standard gauge, 750 volt), which correspond to the usual Stuttgart rail vehicles DT 8 and have been delivered since December 2012. The contract is worth 77 million euros.


The Rhônexpress

Stadler Tango 1807 in Geneva

DT 8:12 at InnoTrans

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