The City

The term of the City will also be also be used in urban research and already in everyday German in larger cities for the identification of the city center. However, this is very unfortunate, because it is completely different, plus used in English in three different versions. Unmistakably, it is, however, to refer to the city as the " center ". This is practiced again and yet in some German cities. The term is almost self-explanatory because of Latin origin and is also understood by foreign guests who are not proficient in German.

City (English ): Identification of

  • A city
  • A historic town with a bishopric and cathedral (and thus also for a smaller city)
  • A city with a royal charter and ceremonial privileges.

City (German ): derives from a process that in London took place in the 18th century, in which the " City of London " is a banking and insurance industry took shape and other city functions due to its increasingly in other districts have concentrated ( government in " City of Westminster "). A similar extension of meaning learned the English term downtown, which had originally referred to the southern part of Manhattan, but then became a synonym for " downtown, city center " was.

This is reiterated explicitly that it is not at City in the German sense of a great city as such. It is a functional concept in the first place. It is the most central part of a major city with a spatial concentration of high central functions of the tertiary and quaternary sector, whose locations are varied in relation to each other, ie form so-called location and functional communities.

  • Generally are spatially structured and thus constitute its functional area.
  • Characterized by a differentiated development dynamics City features →
  • Decrease in population since the beginning of the modern city formation process
  • Preponderance of the day versus the night populations
  • Low share of manufacturing
  • High employment density
  • High land prices and rents
  • Particular physiognomic characteristics ( shop windows, building density, representing value )

Tellingly, the phrase Central Business District ( CBD) is therefore used as a synonym for the city as a commercial center in the city research.