The Girl Said No (1937 film)

  • Robert Armstrong: Jimmie Allen
  • Irene Harvey: Pearl
  • William Danforth: Howard Hathaway
  • Vera Ross: Beatrice Hathaway
  • Richard Tucker: Charles Dillon
  • Max Davidson: Max

The Girl Said No is an American comedy film from the year 1937.


The bookmaker Jimmie Allen is betrayed by the dancer Pearl. To get back at her, Jimmie trying to impersonate as a talent scout for the theater producer Charles Dillon. Pearl, who knows the bookmaker not personally, is skeptical at first. But later, she accepted a contract with Jimmie. For the training stage Pearl Jimmie to pay $ 500. The same amount is payable if Jimmie should manage to find a major role, within 60 days of Pearl.

Jimmie takes a theater of one of his debtor who is just absent. His friend, the former actor Beatrice and Howard Hathaway should practice with Pearl the operetta The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan. The Hathaway's hope for a new opportunity and sell their restaurant. Jimmie on the other hand wants to make money with Pearls from the dust.

Jimmie sets Pearls names in the first place on the posters and conceded the second $ 500. But the real theater owner is now back in town and let the show stop by his lawyers. Jimmie Pearl admits ruefully his plans, now in love with him, forgive him. The actors now want to go through with the free demonstration. The show is a success, the producer Dillon agrees to produce the show.


AE Kaye received a 1938 Academy Award nomination in the category Best Sound.


The film premiered on October 15, 1937 its premiere.

The film is public domain and can, under the title With Words and Music Internet Archive will be looked at.