The King Is Alive

The King Is Alive is a film by Danish director Kristian Levring, shot in 2000 in Denmark according to the guidelines of the Dogma 95 manifesto.


When her bus in the middle of the Namibian desert gives up the ghost, looking for a group of tourists take refuge in a ghost town. Suddenly, the idea is to distract with a play by the slowly burgeoning despair. The laity rehearse "King Lear " by Shakespeare. The more improbable is their salvation and go the more dramatic the water supplies are declining, the more aggressive is the tone. The struggle for survival finally ends - just as Shakespeare designed it - in a disaster.


  • " Best Actress " at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2000 for Jennifer Jason Leigh.
  • "Student Jury Award" at the Brothers Manaki International Film Festival in 2001 for Jens Schlosser.
  • " Robert " at the Robert Festival 2002 for Jens Schlosser ( Best Cinematography ).


The film was shot in Kolmanskuppe (Namibia). The world premiere took place at the International Film Festival in Cannes on 11 May 2000. On 15 September 2000, the film at the Toronto International Film Festival was shown at the October 29, 2000 followed by the Tokyo International Film Festival and later some other film festivals. It was shown in 10 cinemas in the United States, in which he grossed about 103.5 thousand U.S. dollars. The film was dedicated to the 1999 surprise late Brion James.