The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is an American late-night show, which airs from Monday to Friday on CBS. It will be moderated by Craig Ferguson. Ferguson is the third regular host of the Late Late Show. He sat by, among others, against DL Hughley, Michael Ian Black and Damien Fahey. Produces the show from World Wide Pants, the production company of David Letterman.

Recorded the show from 15:00 PST and broadcast clock at 00:35 clock HPD / 23:35 clock CSTs.


The show starts with a two -to four- minute Cold Open. Ferguson holds either a short monologue or interacts with selected members of the public. In previous shows was the Cold Open every now and then replaced by musical sequences, such as the Paris and Scotland week, the Doctor Who special or Halloween. But there are also serious speeches, for example, the massacre of Aurora or the attack on the Boston Marathon.

After the title song and a commercial break Ferguson enters the studio and the show begins with: "Welcome to Los Angeles, California, welcome to The Late Late Show, Off I am your host, TV 's Craig Ferguson " ( " Welcome in Los Angeles, California, welcome to the Late Late Show, I 'm your host, TV's Craig Ferguson "). This speech is followed by: " It ' sa great day for America, everybody! " ( It's a great day for America, everybody! "). It follows a largely improvised monologue in which Ferguson talks about current topics in the show business or politics. However, a high degree of self-irony, as well as private issues such as the death of his parents in 2006 and 2008, or be more successful alcohol withdrawal in early 1992 are part.

After another commercial break Ferguson sitting at his desk. In the now following tweets and emails segment reads and answered Ferguson Letters that are sent via Twitter or E -mail from the audience at the show.

Then there are interviews with one or two prominent guests. But also there are a musician or stand-up comedian.

To finish the show with the segment What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig? (What have we learned from today's show, Craig? ). Before Ferguson sends his audience into bed, he pulls a summary of the show.

Title song

As Ferguson 2005 the show took over, a new title song was recorded, which he composed with. As CBS 31 August 2009, the show began to broadcast in HD, the title song was re-recorded. The producers are Tim Mosher & Stroker. During the week Paris in August 2011, Ferguson took over again the song, accompanied by a piano and a double bass, the street musician style. In Scotland Week in May 2012 this was taken over by the band The Imagineers.

Show elements

Geoff Peterson

Goeff Peterson is a robot skeleton and since 5 April 2010 Ferguson's sidekick. The idea was created by the repeated complaints from Ferguson about the fact that the show neither a band nor a sidekick and have his own desire robot skeleton army, so called Ferguson his Twitter followers to have. Grant Imahara of the Mythbusters Ferguson offered to build him such a robot when it verhelfe him to 100,000 Twitter followers. This goal was achieved in a very short time.

Is spoken and operated by Geoff Peterson Josh Robert Thompson, a voice actor and impersonator. Initially it was even spoken Geoff Peterson by Ferguson. There have been recordings that could then be played in matching moments. But soon found Ferguson the scratchy robot voice too annoying and asked Thompson, who imitated since 2007 synchronized for the show and people like Arnold Schwarzenegger to take on this task. In April 2011, Thompson was given the opportunity Geoff Peterson in a sketch in Las Vegas to synchronize live. From then on this occasion was also implemented in the show. Since June 2011, Geoff Peterson of Thompson is synchronized in each show.


Secretariat is a pantomime horse that originated in the Disney movie Secretariat - has A horse is a legend, made ​​fun of the Ferguson. From October 2010, Secretariat appeared irregularly in the show, usually only when Ferguson rang the doorbell hiding under his desk. Secretariat then danced around the studio and disappeared behind the scenes. As the show moved into a larger studio in August 2012, it got its own stables on the edge of the stage.

Running gags

Ferguson and Geoff Peterson often imitate prominent people such as Bill Clinton, Sean Connery or Liam Neeson. Modified maps will be in the monologues occasionally involved or it will be asked for photos of Paul McCartney and Cher. Shown but then other people like Angela Lansbury or Marilyn Manson. If Ferguson receives letters from other parts of the world, he reads this with the typical accent.


  • 2006 Emmy Award nomination in the Kathegorie Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Broadcast
  • 2009 Peabody Award