Thomas Palaiologos

Thomas Palaiologos ( Latinized Thomas Paleologus; * 1409/10 in Constantinople, Opel, † May 12, 1465 in Rome) was a prince of Byzantium from the family of Palaiologos. He was from 1428 to 1460 Despot of Morea and in 1432 the Prince of Achaia.

Thomas was the youngest son of Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos of Byzantium and the Helene of Serbia, the daughter of the Serbian prince Constantine. 1417/1418 he went to Mystras. From 1428 he reigned as a despot there together with his brothers Theodore II, Constantine XI. (1449-1453 last Byzantine emperor ) and Demetrius (from 1449 ). After the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, he bowed in contrast to his brother and co-ruler osman friendly Demetrios to Western support and therefore fled to the Turkish conquest of the Peloponnese in 1460 to Rome. He stepped over to the Roman Catholic faith in exile in Rome.

His youngest, born in Rome, daughter Zoe (Sofia ), married in 1472 the Grand Duke of Moscow Ivan III.