Threshing board

The threshing is a system already used in prehistoric tool for dehulling of grain (barley, wheat) and legumes ( chickpeas).

Threshing sledge with attached on the bottom blade-shaped haircuts from Flint (Flint ) are used in parts of the Middle East up to the present time. The front part is bent upward manner of a runner to guide the crop stalks under the carriage. On the carriage of fellow drives having to deal with his weight to increase the pressure on the stalks. Occasionally stones are also placed as a weight. The device is now known throughout the Mediterranean area and to the Orient (Spanish trillo, French traineau à dépiquer, Italian trebbiatrice, doukhani Greek, Turkish döven / düven, Hebrew morag, pers randeh ).


The earliest slides were threshing Mesopotamia. The hint on two illustrations from the temple district of Uruk (ca. 3500-3370 BC), show the slides during threshing. Documents can also be found in cuneiform texts dating from the 3rd millennium. The remains of a carriage drawn by two oxen were found in the grave of Queen puabi ( Early Dynastic period, about 2600-2350 BC) on the royal cemetery at Ur.

In the earlier representations the slide appear to be drawn from a single cow that is tight with ropes running from the runners to the horns of the animal. From the third millennium to bovine and equine animals were harnessed in pairs under a yoke that was attached to a central pole. The draft animals of the threshing and the slightly later developed from them carriage vehicles were guided by a leash that was attached to the nose ring. To lead this traditional way cattle is attested since the 3rd millennium BC, for equines. Up in historical time the threshing but did not reach to Central and Northern Europe.

Bible text

  • 2 Samuel 24:22: Ornan said unto David, Let my lord the king take and offer up as he pleases. See, here are the oxen for the burnt offering, and the threshing instruments and the instruments of the oxen as firewood. (2 Sam 24,22 EU)
  • Isaiah 41.15 Behold, I will make you a threshing sledge, cutting sharp, new, with blades, you will thresh the mountains and crush them, and hills will you do as chaff. (Isaiah 41,15 EU)


On the threshing the saying goes " ... with someone sledding " back. Taken reference is here to drive over to the cruel custom of prisoners or offenders with a sledge.