Toftir is a place of the Faroe Islands on Skálafjørður on the island Eysturoy.

  • Population: 821 (1 January 2007 )
  • Postal Code: FO -650
  • Municipality: Nes municipal
  • Football club: B68 Toftir ( Tofta Ítróttarfelag )

Toftir is a major fishing port in the Faroe Islands and in 1967 formed part of the integrated municipality ( Komuna ) Nes.


Among football fans Toftir is known for the football stadium Svangaskarð. It is next to Tórsvøllur in the capital Tórshavn the only approved by FIFA and UEFA venue for international matches of the Faroese team on home turf. The stadium, with its 5000 seats was built in 1991 shortly after the historic soccer match Faroe Austria in 1990 it became clear that the Faroe Islands are an avid football nation. For the construction of the stadium, the dome of a mountain was blasted away to make room.

Another attraction is the modern Fríðrikskirkjan ( Frederick Church ), built in 1993-94. Worth seeing is also a monument in memory of the sailors who lost their lives at sea, in 1981 by the Faroese sculptor Fridtjof Joensen ( 1920-1988 ) was built. It shows a woman and a child, who see the sea. From the monument you can enjoy a nice view of the Skálafjörđur, the longest fjord in the Faroe Islands 13 km length.

You can also visit the very scenic location in the immediate vicinity Toftirs Toftavatn Lake, one of the largest Faroese lakes where you can hike well and can watch numerous birds. He is 17 m.ü.d.M. and occupies an area of 0.5 km ².

Transport links and infrastructure

From Toftir there are good bus connections to the villages on Eysturoy, but the ferry to the capital Tórshavn has been set, so you have to take the long way on the road 10 via the Sundini in the north. Currently, an underwater tunnel of 11 km in the planning, which is to connect the neighboring Runavík with the capital Torshavn and could be completed in about the imminent start of construction in 2016.

To the stadium include a hotel and a cafeteria. Another coffee shop and several shops are located on the harbor.


In 1991, the football players Jóan Símun Edmundsson was born in Toftir.

General view from the north



Church Fríđrikskirkjan

See Toftavatn