TP is short for:

  • East Timor, as a former ISO -3166 country code (now TL Timor-Leste )
  • Tabula Peutingeriana, an old road map of the Roman road network
  • TAP Portugal, as the airline's IATA code
  • Tasmania Police, the Police of Tasmania
  • Tautas partija, a political party in Latvia
  • Technical test, part of the technical rules for the road system in Germany
  • Telekomunikacja Polska, a Polish telecommunications company
  • Telepolis, an online magazine
  • ThinkPad notebook computers from IBM
  • Low-pass filter, a term used in telecommunications engineering
  • Tiger Python ( scientifically: Python molurus ), an entity belonging to the genus of authentics Python snake
  • Total phosphorus, total phosphorus. When determining the total phosphorus content, in addition to the dissolved reactive phosphorus (SRP ) and the " released " Total Phosphorus (TDP ) is detected and the particulate bound phosphorus ( in algae, debris, etc.). See also phosphorus fraction
  • Traffic Pilot, traffic on the radio
  • Trailer park ( trailer park )
  • Transponders in satellite receivers TP search
  • Transport line for passenger transport in the German railways
  • Transport protocol, a network protocol on Level 4 of the OSI model
  • Hit points, a concept in computer games
  • Trigonometric point, observation point on triangles of land surveying
  • Triple Play in magnetic tapes
  • Trivial Pursuit, a board game
  • True positive, the result of a statistical test
  • Turbo Pascal, a programming language
  • Türkiye Partisi, the Turkish party
  • Twisted -pair cable, twisted pair cables in telecommunication
  • Twin Peaks, American series from the 1990s

TP as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Albania: Circle Tepelenë ( discontinued)
  • Germany: Uckermark ( Templin )
  • Greece: Arcadia ( Tripoli )
  • Italy: Trapani
  • Norway: Stord in Hordaland
  • Czech Republic: Okres Teplice, German: Teplitz ( discontinued)

T.P. stands for:

  • Tokyo Peil, Japanese system of elevations above sea level

Tp stands for:

  • . tp, top -level domain of Portuguese Timor
  • Trumpet (from English trumpet ), in music in scores or cast lists
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