Transaction Control Language

The Transaction Control Language (TCL ) is that part of a database language that is used to permanently take over by data processing commands (DML) formulated inserts, edits, and deletes to the database. In the database language SQL which are primarily the commands COMMIT ( English for " trust " ) to acknowledge and ROLLBACK ( English for " retrieve " ) to dismiss all summarized in the currently active transaction changes. Only then are visible changes outside the current session.

A separate command for starting a transaction is not part of the SQL standard. Thus, a transaction is initiated implicitly by most other previous instructions. Many database systems still provide a command BEGIN TRANSACTION or START TRANSACTION.

The classification of the transaction commands in a separate category is not standardized and is only used by some authors and manufacturers, such as Oracle. The transaction statements of the Data Manipulation Language (DML) are much more frequently associated, rarely, the Data Control Language (DCL ).