The Trebbia is a right tributary of the Po, in the Emilia- Romagna. It rises north-east of Genoa in the Ligurian Apennines and flows about 115 km ( meander included) north-northeast until it empties above Piacenza. The most important place in the Valley of Trebbia is the church with its famous monastery of Bobbio San Colombano.


The Trebbia was called in ancient times Trebia and was the river, struck the Punic in the Second War in December 218 BC Hannibal the Romans ( see Battle of the Trebia ).

A second battle of the Trebbia took place on June 18, 1799 in the Second Coalition War instead, expelled the French troops from northern Italy in the Russian and Austrian troops and the French satellite states ( Cisalpine Republic) destroyed. For the combined Russo- Austrian contingent Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov was used as commander in chief on February 24, 1799. It was followed by the battles of the Adda on 27 April, the entry into Milan on April 30, the case of Turin on May 22, June 18, the Battle of the Trebbia, and finally on 15 August, the Battle of Novi was decided by the campaign.