TT- 34 is a Belarusian metal band from Gomel. Because of their lyrics the band in their home country is controversial, as they recorded a steadily growing fan base in neighboring Russia. The sampler 's contribution to the film Night Watch Jack is probably the most famous song of the band. The band is currently in the label Deti Solntsa under contract. The lyrics of the band are written exclusively in Russian.

Band History

The band was founded in 1996 in Gomel / Belarus under the name Head Cleaner. Founder of the band are the singer Konstantin Petrovic Astapenko, the drummer Alexei Smirnov, the guitarist and bassist Alexander Wolostnow Alexei Grigoriev. 1996 began recording their first demo CD.

Two years later, guitarist Wolostnow the band and was replaced by Sergei Kuzmenkow. This already played in the bands Entry and voodoo. In July 1998, Grigoriev was replaced by Valery Nowoseltsew on bass. This played like Kuzmenkow at Entry and voodoo.

In January 1999, the recordings of their second demo CD Psychodelic Bomb began. In May of the same year, the band changed its name to TT -34. The end of 1999 came with Alexander Potemkina Entry of another singer to the band.

2001, the band member of the organization Children of the Sun. From 1999 to 2006 the band gave more than 300 concerts in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States.

In 2002 the band by the Russian Sergei Parkhomenko rapper was supported.

In 2004, the band released помол with Грубый. Because of their lyrics the band in their home country is controversial. In the same year the band in the U.S. played a song Jack for the film Night Watch. The band is at Deti Solntsa, a Russian indie label.

A year later the album Бум! .

In November 2006, the second singer Potemkina left the band and was replaced by Krischanowski Ljubomir - replaced - was a singer with the band Jazz latex until then.

In September 2007, left with Konstantin Petrovic, the third founder of the band. Since then it 's been pretty quiet around the band.




  • 2004: Грубый помол (German coarse grind )
  • 2005: Бум! ( dt: Bum! )


  • 2007: 4 - track EP


  • 2004: Night Watch ( with the song Jack )
  • 2006: Guard of the day ( with the songs Inoj and Bum )