Tune-Yards ( spelling and Tune-Yards ) is a resident of Oakland, California American band, which stands at 4AD under contract. Their music can be assigned to the genres of independent and experimental music.


Founded Tune-Yards in 2006 as a solo project of Merrill Garbus ( born March 3, 1979 in Connecticut ). Garbus ' parents are folk musicians. Since 2010, she has worked with Nathaniel " Nate " Brenner and guest musicians.

The original version of the first album BiRd - Brains of 2009 was taken solely by Garbus and only with a portable tape recorder. The mixing was carried out using shareware. This was followed by a limited edition of 1000 copies as a record and a remastered version. For the production of the record covers old, partly -purchased at flea markets, record covers of other artists were " turned inside out " and designed the unprinted insides newly crafted.

The second album WHOKILL appeared in April 2011 and made in the USA for a greater awareness of the Tune-Yards. WHOKILL was mentioned in the course of the year in many magazines as one of the top albums in 2011, such as Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine and the New York Times. The music list compiled by American music critics Pazz & Jop the New York weekly The Village Voice, WHOKILL leads as " Best Album 2011".

The third album Nikki Nack will be released on May 5, 2014 ( in the United States on 6 May).


Garbus looping drum and percussion rhythms, and her voice and thus accompanied their singing. To this end she plays ukulele and some synthesizers. She will be accompanied on bass and saxophonist Noah Bernstein and Matt Nelson, which occur from her partner Nate Brenner as a percussionist.

Garbus studied for a time in Kenya, therefore, their music has influences of African music.


Studio albums

  • 2011: WHOKILL
  • 2014: Nikki Nack (published on 5 May )


  • 2009: Sunlight
  • 2011: Bizness


  • 2009: Hatari
  • 2009: Bird Droppings
  • 2010: Real Live Flesh