Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station


The Turkwel Dam is the largest dam in Kenya. It was built in 1986-1993 in the Rift Valley province in the districts of West Pokot and Turkana near the Kenyan- Ugandan border to the use of water power. In addition to electricity generation used the dam and the irrigation. The jammed river is the Turkwel, according to other sources (also) its tributary Suan.

The hydropower plant has two Francis turbines with 53.7 MW, together provide an output of 107.4 MW. According to other data, there are 106 MW. That around 20 % of the Kenyan energy needs are covered. The power plant was ( and possibly until 1993 ) taken in 1991 in operation. Owner is the Kerio Valley Development Authority ( KVDA ).

The 35 km long dam is 65 or 66 km ² and has a capacity of 1.6 billion cubic meters. The impounding began as early as 1990 or 1991.

The dam is an arch dam in a narrow gorge. Their height is given in different sources with 150, 153 or 155 m.