The Central Department Store Sofia ( Bulgarian Централен универсален магазин / Central Uniwersalen Magasin ), primarily known by the abbreviation ON, is a luxury department store and part of the Lagro architecture complex in the center of the Bulgarian capital Sofia.


The TO is at the center of Sofia, on the Boulevard Knjaginja Maria Luisa at the intersection of Independence Square and Boulevard Alexander Dondukov. Just east of the department store are the Banya Bashi Mosque, Sofia Central Mineral Bath ( built in 1913 ) with the Ban - Course ( площад Бански / Ploschtad Banski ). On the other side of the street of the Boulevard Knjaginja Maria Luisa, the Central Market Hall are Sofia (1911 ). West of the marketplace are the Church of Sveta Petka Samardschijska, the Sheraton Hotel Sofia and the place Sweta Nedelja with the same cathedral.


The construction began in 1955 and ended zums the end of 1956. Officially it was opened with a ceremony in 1957. The building was designed by architect Kosta Nikolov and has an area of ​​20,570 m². The seven-story building has a covered patio. In 1986, the TO was renovated under the direction of architect Atanas Nikolov. The department store was the socialist period in Bulgaria (1944-1989), a typical department store, were offered in the goods of any kind to buy.

After the democratic changes of 1989, the state department store was privatized and sold at a price of 30.003 million DM of the English Regent Pacific Group. Under the new owner of the department store was modernized and expanded to a shopping center with its luxury boutiques.

A further reconstruction in 1999/2000 followed by a new owner: the businessman Georgi Gergow from Plovdiv acquired the TO on 19 October 2004.