Uddeholm is a locality ( Tätort ) in the Swedish province of Värmland County, the historical province of Värmland. The village in the municipality of Hagfors is located in the northeast of the province on the river Klarälven.


Johan karlström bought in 1672 by the assessor Anders Stake the courts Uddeholm and Risberg, and in 1686 by Anna Uggla neighboring farms Stjärn, Stjärntorp and eyelid. As the actual founder Uddeholm applies the producer Bengt Gustaf Geijer the Elder. He came in 1720 in the sole possession of the goods Uddeholm and Risberg. Previously he had brought upon his deceased wife a greater share of goods in his possession.

Gejier founded on this land along the river between the lakes and Hagforssjön Rådasjön an ironworks and a hammer mode for simple steel bars. There, local iron ore was smelted with charcoal. In the furnace, the bellows were driven by water power, then the wrought iron was produced.


From these early beginnings, the Great Uddeholm Group with its own merchant fleet, a variety of businesses, large estates and private forests developed in the following two hundred years. In the 19th century, about 40 % of the area of Värmland was with the company Uddeholm.

Today, the neighboring Hagfors of stainless steel producing large company Uddeholm Tooling AB, which is a world leader in Stainless Steel within the Group with Böhler -Uddeholm.


Most imposing building of Uddeholm is the former Managing Director 19th century. This is now used by Uddeholm Tooling AB representative for banquets for customers as well as a guest house. In the park-like garden at Radasjönn there is a chapel, which was demolished at another location in southern Sweden and rebuilt in Uddeholm. Uddeholm has a small hotel.


After his military training and his studies and before his enthronement took stock of the current King of Sweden Carl XVI. Gustaf insights into business and industry of the country. During this time, the early seventies, he was also an intern at Uddeholm Uddeholm and lived in the manor house, the living and representative buildings of the former plant managers. Even today, there is a photo of him with his thanksgiving.

After the acquisition of Uddeholm by the Austrian Böhler competitors and the merger of Böhler -Uddeholm Group of a major restructuring project called Tooling was initiated in 2000.