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Uenglingen is a district of the county town of Stendal in Saxony- Anhalt, Germany.

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The district Uenglingen is only four kilometers away from the city of Stendal. The area around Uenglingen is located on the eastern edge of a Endmoränenbogens, which stretches to the west over 30 kilometers to the mildness lowland, and reaches a height of 60 meters above mean sea level between Uenglingen and Stendal.


Uenglingen was first mentioned in 1238 as Ungelinge in a feud certificate. The Romanesque stone church also dates from this period. The north-western city gate Stendal means of this place Uenglinger goal.

In recent years, Uenglingen developed into an attractive place to live, especially for citizens of the nearby town of Stendal.

Until December 31, 2009 Uenglingen was a separate municipality.

Due to a change in the contract area, the municipal council of the municipality Uenglingen decided on 22 June 2009 that the church Uenglingen is incorporated into the town of Stendal. This agreement was approved by the county as a lower municipal supervisory authority and entered into force on 1 January 2010.

After the incorporation of the previously autonomous municipality Uenglingen was Uenglingen district of the town of Stendal. For powered finished my community the village constitution according to § § 86 et seq of the Municipal Code of Saxony -Anhalt has been introduced. The municipality is my finished Uenglingen and future district Uenglingen was the village of the host city of Stendal. In the eingemeindeten community and nunmehrigen village Uenglingen a Ortschaftsrat was formed with nine members including mayor.


  • Graves in the local cemetery for three named unknown Poland, including a woman who abducted and victims of forced labor during the Second World War to Germany were



The last mayor of the municipality Uenglingen was Harriet Tüngler. Since the incorporation in the town of Stendal Harriet Tüngler is local mayor.


The highway (L 15) of the Hanseatic City of Stendal to Bismark ( Altmark) crosses Uenglingen. In the near Stendal made ​​connections to the federal highways 188 and 189 buses stop there and call buses of the Regional Public Transportation West Saxons ( RVW ) under the brand name stendalbus.

In the near Stendal consist rail connections to Hanover, Berlin, Magdeburg and Schwerin.


  • Heinz Werner (* December 27, 1935 ), football player and coach