UHC Dynamo

The OHK Dynamo (Russian Объединённый Хоккейный Клуб Динамо ) was established in a 2010 ice hockey club from the Moscow Oblast, fought out of its home games in the arena of Malaya Sportivnaya Luzhniki Sports Complex. The club colors were those of the predecessor club Dynamo Moscow, blue and white. In July 2012, the club returned to its original name and under the roof of the sports club Dynamo.


The team was established following the 2009/10 season from the merger of the traditional club HK Dynamo Moscow in recent years with the sporty successful HK MVD Balaschicha. Following the merger was scheduled to host the home games of both clubs in the Balaschicha arena, as well as in the mega sports arena. Ultimately, the management of all home games but decided, in the home of HK Dynamo Moscow, the Luzhniki Sports Complex unsubscribe. With the HK Dynamo Tver a farm team for the Wysschaja Hockey League was founded. In addition, the OHK Dynamo established a junior team in the league Molodjoschnaja Chokkeinaja, the Sheriff Tver.

To kick off the 2010/11 season the club won the inaugural Cup Kubok Otkrytija with a win against the Kazan Ak Bars. At the end of the Main Round The OHK took second place in the West - season of the KHL, but retired in the second round of the playoffs against Dinamo Riga in the following. In the summer of 2011, both farm teams of OHK moved to Balaschicha into the Balaschicha Arena and were renamed in HK Dynamo Balaschicha HK MVD respectively. Already in the second season of the merged clubs that could win the Gagarin Cup with a 4-1 victory in the final series against Avangard Omsk HK.

In July 2012, the club adopted the name of the predecessor association, also at the same time resigned President Mikhail Tjurkin.