Supreme Hockey League

The Wysschaja Hockey League (Russian Высшая хоккейная лига, German Supreme Hockey League until 2010 Wysschaja League ), the second highest ice hockey league in Russia after the Kontinental Hockey League. Under the Wysschaja Hockey League, the league and the Perwaja Molodjoschnaja Chokkeinaja league is settled. The second division champion receives the Bratina Cup.


Until the breakup of the USSR Wysschaja League was the top division, the second-class league was the Perwaja League (Russian Первая лига ) and including the Wtoraja League (Russian Вторая лига ). This arrangement was dissolved in 1992 and the Wysschaja league was second-rate.

In the summer of 2010, the second division was reformed and renamed Wysschaja Hockey League after the KHL. In addition to a new logo, the League of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation was detached and got its own management, which consists of representatives of the KHL and the Russian Federation. In addition, the team's number was limited to 20 participants, who play in two Conferences. With the inclusion of HK Lada Togliatti of the KHL and Dynamo Dmitrov, the new farm team of OHK Dynamo, other teams had to leave the league, including PHK Krylia Sovetov Moscow and Chimik Woskressensk. Chimik Krylia Sovetov and had submitted incomplete license documents, while the HK Lipetsk on 30 June 2010 received his license as a final club.

In mid-July announced the collaboration with the OHK Dynamo on the Administration of Dmitrov town, so this was looking for a new partner and venue. On July 16, a contract was awarded to the city of Tver concluded that both the HK Dynamo, and the HK Sheriff of the MCL, in Tver will play.

The end of July had to return due to financial reasons his license because the regional government refused a promotion of the club more than 70 million rubles of HK Lipetsk. In August 2010, Alexander Medvedev suggested talks between Krylia Sovetov Moscow and PHK Krylia Sovetov Moscow MIC, which led to a reunion of separated clubs. The professional team of Krylia took the place of the HK Lipetsk, while the boys team will play in the MHL.

Sokol Krasnoyarsk and Donbass Donetsk three expansion teams for the season 2011/12 with Titan Klin, included in the League, with the first team to Donetsk from Ukraine in the league antritt.HK Dynamo Tver was relocated to Balaschicha and renamed HK Dynamo Balaschicha. After the plane crash near Yaroslavl, in which nearly the entire KHL team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl has perished, Yaroslavl withdrew her nomination in the KHL, and also took part in the match operation of the VHL. Just one year later Donetsk is included in the KHL. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl occurs again in the top division, but takes a second team continued to participate in the VHL. For the teams HK Saryarka Karaganda Kazakhstan, HK Junost Minsk of Belarus and the Russian teams HK Kuban Krasnodar were recorded HK Buran Voronezh and THK Tver as expansion teams. 2013 of Lipetsk HK HK Junost Minsk and Lokomotiv Yaroslavl was admitted to the League, II they left after only one year. HK WMF Saint Petersburg was relocated to Kondopoga and renamed HK WMF Karelija.

Participants in the 2013/14 season