International Ice Hockey Federation

The International Ice Hockey Federation (English International Ice Hockey Federation ) ( IIHF ) is the International Ice Hockey Federation. He was on 15 May 1908 in Paris as the Ligue de hockey sur glace International - founded LIHG. On March 14, 1911, the association took over the Canadian rules by which a match lasts three times for 20 minutes. The present name of the International Ice Hockey Federation - IIHF was acquired in 1957. The seat of the IIHF is located in Zurich, Switzerland. The Federation organizes championships in men's and women's ice hockey and inline hockey.

Currently, the IIHF has 72 members, including 56 full members, 14 associate and two affiliated national associations and the hospitierende Member Pakistan. Members of the IIHF Ice Hockey are the associations of the countries, ie Germany for the German Ice Hockey Federation, Austria for the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation, and Switzerland, the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation. Acting President René Fasel of IIHF is.

The IIHF is after the World Championships out a world ranking of nations, some of which has a special significance for the qualification for the Olympic Hockey Tournament.

In 2008, the International as well as the Swiss Association celebrated its 100th anniversary. Swiss Post gave to the big birthday issuing a special stamp to the value of one franc in honor of the two associations. The IIHF himself had erected on the lawn in front of their seat a temporary ice rink (28 x 14 meters). In addition to various anniversary events in the web from December 2007 was available to the public until November 2008.

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  • 3.3 Former Tournaments


Member Associations

Founding members

At the founding of the Ligue de hockey sur glace international was attended by representatives from Belgium, England, Switzerland and France by the host. Also invited were representatives of Germany and Russia, but which do not appear on the inaugural meeting. Germany one year later entered into the LIHG, while Russia came in 1952 when the Soviet Union in the Association. The Association of Bohemia joined another during the year 1908 and is therefore sometimes referred to as the fifth founding member of the IIHF.

Full members

Associate Members

The IIHF Associate Members are members who have no independent national hockey association or not regularly participate in the IIHF World Championships. Associate members have no voting rights in the IIHF General Assembly.

Affiliate members

The IIHF Affiliate Members shall participate only in the inline hockey competitions of the IIHF. You have no right to vote in the IIHF General Assembly.

Former members

Number of registered players by country

Aligned Tournaments

The IIHF is or was host of different hockey tournaments:

Nations Tournaments

  • Olympic Hockey Tournament ( co-organizer ) for men since 1920
  • For women since 1998
  • For men since 1920
  • For women since 1990
  • For juniors U20 since 1977
  • For juniors U18 since 1999
  • For Junior Women U18 since 2008


  • IIHF European Women Champions Cup since 2005
  • IIHF Continental Cup since 1997, 1994-96 as IIHF Federation Cup

Former Tournaments

  • European for men 1910-1991
  • For women 1989-1996
  • For juniors U19 1968-1976, U18 1977-2000