Louis Magnus

Louis Magnus ( born May 25, 1881 in Kingston, Jamaica, † November 1, 1950 ) was a French figure skater and ice hockey official. He was, among others, the first French champion in figure skating, as the first president of the International Ice Hockey Federation.


Louis Magnus, who was born in Jamaica and moved with his family to France in 1889, in 1908 the first French figure skating champion in singles. This title he defended until 1911 three more times and then won in 1912 along with Anita del Monte the championship in pair skating.

Magnus, who also showed great interest in hockey, organized on 15 May 1908, the inaugural meeting of the International Ice Hockey Federation ( IIHF ) in Paris, he became its first president. This post he held until 1912, where he may establish for a unification of the rules in hockey because it was played with different rules in each world.

The 1985 make trophy, which is given to the winner of the Hockey Cup in France, since then, has been named in memory of Louis Magnus Magnus Coupe. Also, the highest French Hockey League transfers since the 2004/ 05 season officially his name ( Ligue Magnus ).

In 1997 Magnus was like in 2008 inducted into the Hall of Fame of the IIHF, in the Hall of Fame of the French Ice Hockey Federation.

Awards and achievements

  • French champions in figure skating (5x): 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911 ( in the individual ) and 1912 with Anita del Monte ( pair skating )