Ujście Warty National Park

The National Park Warta Mouth (Polish: Park Narodowy Warta Mouth ), about 80 km east of Berlin situated at the mouth of the Warta and Odra rivers, was founded in 2001 and covers an area of ​​8,038 hectares.

The park is dominated meadows and pastures, which is intersected by numerous ancient rivers and canals. The Warta River divides the park into two halves. The south is a flood plain, the water level fluctuates during the year by up to four meters. The north part of the Warta location is protected by a dyke against flooding.

In May you can here the water and observe wading birds in large numbers, the sparse to rare are the largest part of Germany: various ducks, mute swans, river, white beard and Weißflügelseeschwalben, silk and Night Heron, Black-necked Grebe, Garganey, Wood Sandpiper, Common Snipe. There are 4 grebes, ducks 7-8, 5 Coot, 3-4 gulls and terns and waders 8-9. The present in good numbers eagles chase on everything and thus create good observing conditions.

In November, the park offers opportunities for a break for masses of seeds and white-fronted geese.

In The Park 260 bird species have been identified, 170 breed here.

Also interesting are the bat - guided tours on the nearby fortress Kuestrin ( Kostrzyn nad Odra ).

Park entrance

Dead tree