Ullastret is a Spanish municipality in the district of Baix Empordà in Girona province in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. The area of ​​Ullastret is about 11 km ².

The center of the village is located on a hill about 50 meters above sea level is located east of the Río Daró. Ullastret is traffic- best reached on the road between La Bisbal and Serra de Daró. The population of Ullastret amounted in 2013 to 287 inhabitants. The main pillars of the economy of the community are tourism and agriculture.

On the nearby Puig de Sant Andreu an Iberian settlement amount was from the beginning of the Iron Age to the 3rd century BC (so-called oppidum, see main article: Ullastret ( oppidum ) ). The Puig de Sant Andreu is a roughly triangular in north-south direction and 600 m long in east- west direction, 380 m wide hill that rises 54 meters above the basin of the former Estany d' Ullastret. Until the 19th century the town had this lake, which occupied an area of ​​three square kilometers, but is dried up today. The lake basin was converted into arable land. In times of heavy rains, the lake area is flooded but still.