Ulldecona is a municipality in the south-east of Catalonia, Spain.

Ulldecona is one of the two southernmost municipalities of the comarca ( county ) Montsiā, both the province of Tarragona in Catalonia as well.

The population was 6,987 in 2008. Agriculture, especially olives, almonds and Karoben, as well as marble quarry in the Serra de Goodall, form the largest industrial sector.

Villages in the municipality of Ulldecona

  • Ulldecona: 5,286
  • El Castell: 257
  • La Miliana: 29
  • Els Valentine: 272
  • Les Ventalles: 39
  • Sant Joan del Pas: 173


Worth seeing in Ulldecona are the Castle of the Moors war time on a hill and the city church, as well as some old mills, ancient olive trees, ruins of the Iberians, and smaller churches in the area.

The relatively uninhabited landscape of the area and the Serra del Montsiā, highest peak 764 m, are also an attraction for tourists.

The Passion of Christ is adjusted annually in Orfeó del Montsiā as La Passió d' Ulldecona. All the actors are simple people of the village.