Ulus is a word from the Turkish and its related languages.

Conceptual history

  • Originally Ulus is the term people. With ulus but also an appanage was called, consisting of people and their herds, which was assigned mainly members of the Turkish- Mongol dynasties. In German ulus often translated as " Reich ". In the wake of the disintegration of the Mongol Empire, these former parts of the Mongol Empire Total transformed into independent sub- states.
  • In administrative languages ​​Ulus denotes a small administrative district: historically in the Ottoman Empire
  • Today in the Sakha Republic in the north- east of the Russian Federation. There corresponds to the Russian term Rajon. It is улус / ulus the Russian version, the Yakut contrast улууha / uluuha.

Ulus as a proper name

Ulus read:

  • A district in the Turkish province of Bartın, see Ulus ( Bartın )
  • The historic city center of Ankara, see Ulus (Ankara )
  • A quarter in the district of Beşiktaş Istanbul, see Ulus (Istanbul)