Umbria Volley

Umbria volley was an Italian men's volleyball club from San Giustino in the province of Perugia ( Umbria ), who played in the Italian Serie A.

Umbria volley was founded in 2001 as Perugia Volley and plays in the highest Italian league " Serie A1 " since 2002. 2007/ 08 was active in Perugia Robert Kromm. 2009/10 succeeded in Perugia Volley with Stefan Hübner winning the Challenge Cup with a 3-0 in the final against HAOK Mladost Zagreb.

For the 2010/11 season, the company moved from Perugia to San Giustino and renamed Umbria volley. The team that started in Serie A as Energy Resources San Giustino, was 2010/11, reinforced by the two German international Patrick Steuerwald and Sebastian Schwarz. 2012, the team was withdrawn.