URA stands for:

  • Oral Aq Schol airport in Kazakhstan ( IATA code )
  • Copyright charge correctly: blank tape levy in accordance with copyright law ( Austria )

Ura stands for:

  • Ura (Japanese), a Japanese term meaning " back, facing away from the page ."
  • Ura, a Bronze Age and Iron Age city-state and port in southern Anatolia
  • Ura, a fortress in Hajaša
  • Ura (Bhutan ) valley in the Bumthang district of the Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Ura ( Baining Taulil language), language spoken in Papua New Guinea
  • Ura ( erromangische language ), almost extinct language of the island Erromango
  • Ura (Hungary ), place in Hungary
  • Ura ( Barents Sea ) river on the Kola Peninsula
  • Ura ( river in Estonia), river in Estonia
  • Ura ( river in Kenya), river in Kenya
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