Used car

Under a car ( in Switzerland " Occasion " called ) refers to a vehicle, usually a car that already had at least one previous owner. On trade in used vehicles, a whole industry has its own set; the used car dealer.

The Swiss " Occasion " comes from French " opportunity ". In French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese called " Used ", " Occasione ", " Ocasion " resp. " Ocasião " a second-hand goods ( and not a bargain if a virgin ).


If the vehicle is younger than 12 months, one also speaks of last year's car. This very popular among buyers vehicles are up to 30% cheaper than new cars, have, due to the low age of rare defects and have a remaining maturity usually still on warranty ( against the seller of new cars, in addition to ensuring compared to the year-old car salesman) and / or guarantee (against the manufacturer or importer ). Not the used car count day registrations.

Used Car Review

For higher-quality or higher-priced cars, the engagement of an expert (eg TÜV, DEKRA or ADAC ) advised before buying, to refer the matter of the expert side, as the technical condition of the vehicle and what price measured at the state and the other properties is appropriate. The low-cost minimal solution is to conduct a general inspection (HU), connected with an indication of the potential buyers of the expert, one was interested in the state because they wanted to buy the vehicle. In general, the expert will then give oral valuable information on the status of the main investigation also, and possibly at a reasonable purchase price of the vehicle.

Assessment services for used cars in Germany are also the Schwackendorf list and the German Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT ). In Austria, Switzerland and almost all other European countries, there is the Schwackendorf service for used car values ​​under the name Eurotax. Publisher of these services, including Schwackendorf list is the EurotaxGlass International AG, based in Switzerland. In the U.S., a counterpart exists under the name Kelley Blue Book.

Typical defects

Depending on your age, different defects in cars expected. Dealers and other commercial vendors (eg enterprises, traders and professionals in the sale of a company car) (also defects liability ) is committed to a 2-year warranty by law, but this may contractually reduce to one year for used cars. The warranty applies to the defect-free (not flawed ) state of the vehicle during the transfer, but not for normal wear from bisherigem use, normal wear during the later use by the purchaser or subsequent damages resulting from improper use by the customer, eg. while the engine damage caused by tuning. In particular, the seller is also liable for defects unknown to him; He conceals him known defects, so this is Wilful deception. From private individuals is warranted ( colloquially often confused with warranty ), however, contractually usually completely excluded and the vehicle should be examined very thoroughly by the buyer before buying. In any case seller to complete and truthful information about existing defects and damage (eg collision damage ) committed. By (TÜV, DEKRA or ADAC ) can you protect partly as a dealer in the sale, as the defects of the vehicle so all are named. Should the buyer after three months indicate a deficiency, one can prove by the opinion that the defect at the time of the sale was not present. A rectification of accident damage is also covered in the report, for example. If the buyer signs the report, he is informed before purchasing any defects, and it may be no more misunderstandings.

The Federal Court ruled in July 2007 that used car buyers can return the used cars and demand the return of the purchase price, if a defect within the first six months of purchase displays. The used car seller bears the burden of proving that the sale of the defect did not exist.

Those who complete a dealer warranty when buying a used car, have a free choice during inspections of the workshop. Clauses binding the purchaser to the workshop of the dealer, the Federal Supreme Court in October 2009 to be invalid.

Legal and financial aspects

It should be noted that the cheaper new car discounts at some insurers will only be granted if the policyholder is the original owner.

For the tax office is a vehicle that did not go more than 6000 km or not older than six months, even a new car and it must be paid for each ordinary there when introducing VAT in another EU member state.

Registration certificate and vehicle identification number should be checked for theft, form theft, tampering or other defects. In Germany this is only a very limited extent to the detriment of the Purchaser possible.

Used car market in Germany