Uta Frith

Uta Frith, DBE ( born May 25, 1941 in Rockhausen as Uta Aurnhammer ) is a German developmental psychologist, neuroscientist and autism researcher who works at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London. Her research interests are autism and dyslexia.


Uta Frith studied in Saarbrücken several semesters of art history, then switching to psychology and received his doctorate in 1968 at King's College London on the subject of autism.


Frith developed a classification stages of reading acquisition: 1st stage: logographic, 2nd stage: title and 3rd stage: orthographically. It influenced the work of Simon Baron -Cohen and Tony Attwood. Her husband Chris Frith is also neuroscientists.

Awards and Memberships (Selection)

  • 2003: Jean -Louis Signoret Prize -
  • 2008: Member of the Leopoldina
  • 2009: European Latsis Prize
  • 2012: Order of the British Empire

Writings (selection )

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