UTV Ignition Entertainment

Ignition Entertainment is a video game publisher, founded in April 2002. The company grew out of several smaller game publishers, such as the Awesome Studios under Archer Maclean.

Currently, Ignition Entertainment focused on the production of games for handheld devices such as the PSP or the Nintendo DS. Pool Paradise for the Gameboy Advance and Zoo Keeper for the DS or Blade Dancer and PoPoLoCrois for the PSP titles that are based on this company.

The company supports, for example, SNK Playmore games like the Metal Slug series, Samurai Shodown series, and in the King of Fighters series.

In 2005 games like Archer MacLean's Mercury, The King of Fighters Neowave, or Pool Paradise International were added. In 2010, the game Deadly Premonition for the Xbox 360 came out for the PS3, there was only a Japanese version, titled " Red Seeds Profile".