Uxacona is a Roman settlement in Britain. The ancient name is preserved in the Antonine Itinerary. The location is identified with the Roman remains on the Red Hill Shropshire. He lay on the road from Hadrian's Wall after Rutupiae ( Richborough ), a port city on the sea. In the Antonine Itinerary, the distance is given by Viroconium with 11 miles, the distance to Pennocrucium 12 miles. There was probably a mansio on the road.

The remains found on the site show a small fortified settlement, which was about 61 x 53 m in size. But traces of settlements covering a territory of about 200 m wide. Ceramics indicates that the place was inhabited from the late second century. However, the greater part of the pottery dates from the third century. The place was still inhabited in the fourth century and was probably rebuilt at this time to a Burgus.

Just north of the small settlement of the remains were found a camp for auxiliary troops, which was about 101/152 x 110 m tall, and dated to the first century. A smaller fort was built within the city walls at the end of the first century.