Uzan means the following geographic entities:

  • Uzan (Pyrénées - Atlantiques), commune in the department of Pyrénées- Atlantiques
  • Uzan ( Luy de Béarn ), river in France, tributary of the Luy de Béarn
  • Qezel Uzan, an alternative name of the Sefid Rud, a river in Iran

Uzan is the surname of the following persons:

  • Aharon Uzan (1924-2007), Israeli politician, Minister
  • Cem Uzan ( born 1960 ), Turkish media entrepreneur and politician
  • Jean -Philippe Uzan (born 1969 ), French cosmologist and astrophysicist

IP -AN stands for:

  • Andijon province, ISO -3166 -2 code of the Uzbek province
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