Aharon Uzan

Aharon Uzan (Hebrew אהרן אוזן; born 1 November 1924 in Moknine, Tunisia; † 23 January 2007) was an Israeli politician.


Uzan joined in Tunisia in the right-wing Zionist youth movement Betar, before he went in 1949 to Israel, where he Moshav Gilat founded together with other Tunisian immigrants in the western Negev, where he settled. He served Moshav 1952-1959 as secretary and treasurer. In 1960, the Negev Moshav Purchasing Company, which he headed until 1968. More companies which he founded and which were connected with the supply of Moschaws in the Negev Negev Water, Negev Moshav Development Company, Merhav: Transportation to Moshav Negev. From 1970 to 1973 he was secretary of the Moshav Movement (Hebrew תנועת המושבים Tnu'at HaMoshavim ). After 1979, Aharon Uzan president of the Sephardi Federation of Israel, the umbrella organization of Sephardic Jews in Israel.

Political career

In 1949 he joined the left-wing Mapai in Israel, which he left in 1981 to coincide with Aharon Abuchazira to establish the Tami. In the elections to the Knesset 6 ( of 22 November 1965 to 17 November 1969) on November 1, 1965 on the list of candidate Uzan and moved into Parliament. In the Levi Eshkol founded by 13 government, with some other parties ( among them the National Religious party, Rafi and the independent Liberals ) was made possible by a coalition of the left party alliance HaMa'arach and after the death of Eshkol ( February 26, 1969 ) ended in March 17, 1969 Uzan held the post of Deputy Minister of Agriculture, a position he also in the successor government (14th government under Golda Meir, which consisted of 17 March 1969 to the end of the legislative session on December 15, 1969 ) retained. In the elections to the Knesset Aharon Uzan 7 lost his mandate and his office.

Only in the 16th government, which was founded by Golda Meir on March 10, 1974 but only until June 3, 1974 had on hand, Uzan again received a government official: he was minister of communications, although in the 8th Knesset he ( 21 January 1974 to 13 June 1977) had no seat. Following the resignation Meir and the takeover of government business by Yitzhak Rabin Uzan was in the 17th Government (June 3, 1974 to June 20, 1977) Minister of Agriculture, in addition, he took over for the period of 20 March 1975 to the end of the reign of previous incumbent Rabin him the already -known office of the Minister of Communications.

Also in the 9th Knesset ( elections on May 17, 1977), which lasted from 13 June 1977 until 20 July 1981 and conducted by the Likud government of Menachem Begin Uzan was not represented.

From 1981 to 1984 he was Minister for Communications, 1982-1984, he was Minister of Social Affairs and Welfare.